Esplanade Brown Mango Wood Sideboard




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The Esplanade Brown Mango Wood Sideboard adds an air of charming antiquity to your home with its rustic colours and striking design. It features a spacious mango wood top embellished with beautiful natural markings. The Esplanade serves as a pedestal to display your prized cutlery, figurines, photo frames and more. Enjoy meals and get-togethers as you lounge across this stunning work of art.

The Esplanade is draped in warm brown hues, which stem from its high-quality Mango Wood material. Separating the Esplanade into sections are beautiful woven cane panels that add to its rustic and antique charm. Each section acts as a door to a spacious cabinet that allows you to store your plates, cutlery, kitchen utensils and more. The Esplanade is best paired with a stylish floor rug along with one of our floor lamps.