Beckham Dark Grey Sideboard


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Radiating a cool and sophisticated charm, the Beckham Dark Grey Sideboard breathes life into your kitchen and dining space with its modern rustic allure. The soul of the Beckham lies in its expertly crafted frame, hewn from premium quality wood that swathes itself in an evocative shade of dark grey. This cabinet, a compelling work of art, offers itself as a stage for your personal expression, proudly displaying your favourite tomes, atmospheric lamps, or sentimental keepsakes.

Beyond its arresting aesthetics, the Beckham Dark Grey Sideboard ensures practicality remains paramount. It houses two generous cabinets and a pair of expansive drawers, serving as dutiful custodians of your dining space. These cabinets help you manage your dining essentials - from gleaming cutlery to prized china - turning clutter into harmonious order. Pair the Beckham with one of our floor or table lamps along with beautiful wall art. This piece is also available in a cream-coloured variant.

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