Benedict Medium Brown Wooden Side Table - Matte Black Metal Legs


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The Benedict Medium Brown Wooden Side Table features a design that seamlessly marries rustic charm with industrial flair. The tabletop's medium brown hue adds a touch of earthiness, while the matte black metal legs provide a stark, modern contrast, grounding the piece with a contemporary edge. This side table boasts a form that is both robust and stylish.

This two-toned design not only stands out visually but also ensures the table can blend with a variety of interior themes, from the urban loft to the cozy traditional study. Around the home, this Benedict side table is remarkably versatile. It can serve as an understated yet chic end table next to a sofa or armchair, holding beverages and books with a quiet strength. In a bedroom, it's perfect as a minimalist nightstand, its medium brown top offering a warm, inviting platform.

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