Braden Antique Brass Wooden Mirror 200x100CM


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The Braden Antique Brass Wooden Mirror is more than just a reflection tool; it's an art piece that combines craftsmanship and function to stunning effect. The crowning glory of this mirror is undoubtedly its cascading frame, finely crafted from wood, echoing tones of aged grace and delicate craftsmanship. This layered design brings depth, texture, and an architectural appeal to the piece, making it not just a mirror but a centerpiece.

The beautiful rectangular mirror nestled within this artful frame possesses the magical ability to transform any room. It not only magnifies the available light but also extends the perceived space, creating an ambiance of openness and luxury. Whether placed in a hallway, bedroom, or living space, the Braden Antique Brass Wooden Mirror doesn't just showcase reflections; it amplifies the beauty of its surroundings, becoming an intrinsic part of your home's aesthetic narrative.

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