Bubbles Transparent Glass Chandelier - Brushed Gold Metal Body


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Step into a world of fanciful design and playful sophistication with the Bubbles Transparent Glass Chandelier. Reminiscent of effervescent champagne bubbles or a child's gleeful blowing of soap bubbles on a sunny day, this chandelier captures the very essence of joy and wonder.

At the heart of this exquisite piece is a central round chandelier, which serves as the foundational source of illumination. From it, a myriad of clear glass spheres cascade and cluster, each reflecting and refracting light in a myriad of mesmerizing patterns. These spheres, perfect in their transparency, act as lenses that magnify and multiply the chandelier's luminance.

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Reviewed by Jessica Adams

The Beautiful item. Koala living never disappoints. We love this item. Make sure you get a good electrician to install as it’s hard to do with the 3 wires it took our electrician 3hrs 5 stars