Carolina Cream Leather 2-Seater Electric Recliner


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The Carolina Cream Leather 2-Seater Electric Recliner's compact build makes it an ideal piece for even the humblest of spaces. A combination of high-density foam and genuine leather provides luxurious style and unparalleled comfort. Buttons found on the sofa's sides provide total control. Rest your head and shoulders on a well-cushioned headrest, fully adjustable to provide proper support and relaxation. This adjustability lessens stress on your neck and shoulders, making the Carolina 2-seater a great investment in your overall health as well.

The Carolina's adjustable footrests allow you to relax and put your feet up at any time of the day. Matching your recline to your mood or activities has never been this easy as with the Carolina 2-Seater Electric Recliner. Another noteworthy feature is the presence of a USB port means you'll never have to leave your seat when charging your devices. Pair the Carolina with one of our stunning floor rugs with a coffee table for a truly modern living room ensemble.

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