Coco Cream Linen Chair


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The Coco Chair gives off an effortless look of sophistication that will stylishly elevate any space in your home. It is crafted with premium quality materials and designed to make its presence undeniable. One of the key features that provide the Coco's elegance is the top-quality cream-coloured linen upholstered on the seat. The seat is also hand-tufted with buttons, adding to its plush and comfortable aesthetic and comfort.

The Coco chair's solid black coloured frame is made from high-grade birch wood, masterfully crafted to channel that aura of sophistication. Inspired by the classic tub chair design, the masterfully crafted frame wraps around the seat and is decorated with a beautiful geometrical motif. Providing stability and adding to the Coco's sophistication are four beautifully crafted sabre legs with the hind pair being perfectly angled to maximize support. Usher in a new stylish era with a pair of these beautiful Coco Chairs.

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