Cynthia Chair II - Mushroom with Shiny Black Base - DC


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Take your rightful place in a throne of style and luxury with the Cynthia Chair. The Cynthia is our luxe-take on the classical tub chair design, favouring seamless transitions over arching lines and a huge step-up in the quality of fabric.

Sumptuous beige velvet fabric is adeptly upholstered on the Cynthia's meticulously crafted wooden frame and brings with it the rich and soft texture only the most luxurious of items possess. It also assures comfort with the help of high-density cushioning, perfectly placed throughout the seat.

A shiny black coloured stainless steel frame wraps around this seat of luxury to provide stability while adding to its visual appeal. The pleasing combination of luxurious beige velvet with black stainless steel makes the Cynthia a perfect accent piece for your living areas.

An extra plush and comfortable pillow comes with every purchase of the Cynthia, with the same velvet fabric and elegant beige colour.

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