Dhara Antique Brass Finish Leaf Side Table




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The Dhara Brass Coloured Leaf Side Table dares to stand out with its eye-catching colours and striking design that echoes the beauty of nature. The Dhara glows in impressive brass colours. Sitting atop this magnificent side table features a striking tabletop that echoes the form of a lotus leaf. Intricately detailed venules and veins accent the Dhara Brass Leaf's surface.

The lotus' roots and stems are finely replicated with the Dhara Brass Coloured Leaf Side Table's magnificent brass-coloured frame. These frames descend all the way down and are firmly rooted to a gorgeous marble base. The Dhara Brass Coloured Leaf Side Table is a true functional art piece that will do wonders for any space in your home. Pair the Dhara with one of our occasional chairs along with one of our floor lamps for a stylish ensemble.