Equinox Abstract Painting


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Drawing inspiration from the celestial dance of day and night, the Equinox Painting is a symphony of contrasts on canvas. It masterfully depicts the ephemeral moment when light and dark meet in harmonious balance. The soothing color palette, consisting of tranquil whites, deep blue-blacks, and gentle grays, flows seamlessly, capturing the fluidity of the ever-changing sky.

Gold splotches, like distant stars or ethereal fireflies, dot the expanse, adding both brilliance and depth. These lustrous touches serve as a reminder of the magic that exists in those fleeting moments when the sun kisses the horizon. Beyond just a piece of decor, this artwork beckons viewers to pause, reflect, and lose themselves in its abstract depths.

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Reviewed by Kaylee Walsh

Please note that the size is different to that listed on the website it is actually 100cm x 140cm. In my case this was better. The colours are also a bit more purple than blue, especially in the bottom of the canvas. The canvas appears to be printed with painted embellishments added. Great value at 50% discount.