Esme II Black Wooden Sideboard


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The Esme II Black Wooden Sideboard graces your dining area with a symphony of contemporary elegance and age-old warmth. This remarkable creation is crafted from prime Oak, its grainy texture whispering tales of rustic grandeur, while the dark, velvety black hues infuse a subtle modish allure. A statement piece in its own right, it marries old-world charm with new-age aesthetic, serving as both a functional element and a striking showpiece. Within the confines of this sideboard lie spacious shelves, ready to be adorned with cherished plates, delicate dishes, and gleaming cutlery, converting everyday objects into treasured exhibits.

These shelves double as your personal, well-organized curatorial spaces, where you can arrange, display, and access your items effortlessly, all while maintaining an air of orderly serenity. But the true charm of the Esme II lies in its four finely cut panes of glass. These clear and sophisticated panels add a touch of sophistication while offering a peek into the space behind the hollowed cabinet doors. The understated sophistication of the glass elegantly balances the rustic woodwork, creating a piece that is brimming with classic elegance.

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