Fleur de lis Floor Rug - Small 814-11


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Imbue your home with a touch of French nobility with The Fleur De Lis Floor Rug, a piece that channels the elegance and grace of the French provincial style. Colored in a pristine clean white, this rug serves as a canvas for the iconic Fleur De Lis, an emblem of regality and sophistication. The center of the rug is a tranquil expanse, a vacant medallion that invites calm and focus.

Its beautiful borders are a celebration of ornamentation, featuring beautifully stylized Fleur De Lis motifs. Available in both small and large sizes, The Fleur De Lis Floor Rug is versatile enough to grace any room, whether it's a spacious living area or an intimate nook. It’s not merely a floor covering; it’s a statement of style and history, effortlessly bringing the classic charm of French decor into the modern home.

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