Fransesca Peacock Blue Velvet 3-Seater Sofa


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The Fransesca Sofa combines calming colours, high-quality materials and an inviting plush look for a luxuriously comfortable lounging experience for the entire family. Take a seat and enjoy movies and conversations on this fabulously gorgeous throne of wonder.

Premium quality velvet covers the entirety of the Fransesca Sofa's gorgeously crafted frame, which adds a complex layer of softness to its aesthetics. Its soothing azure blue colour provides levity for your home's busier areas while giving the space a uniquely subdued vibrance.

A collection of strategically positioned dense quality foam makes the sofa soft and highly comfortable to lounge on. Sleeping while lounging on The Fransesca's comfortable embrace is a more than likely occurrence.

The Absence of legs allows The Fransesca Sofa o seamlessly flow with unrivalled elegance. Make every day worthy of a special occasion with the Fransesca Sofa.

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