Golden Ripples Painting


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Born in 1981, Jifeng Mao developed a deep passion for art, particularly drawn to the intricate world of textural oil painting during his early years. Choosing to pursue his artistic inclinations academically, he specialised in oil painting theory, material application, and wall decoration design. Jifeng's journey led him to Germany and France, where his unique approach to modern art design garnered him a devoted European audience. Jifeng’s art pieces are inspired by personalities and characters, he often sees his art as an extension and interpretation of the natural world. Preferring solitude, he retreats to quiet spaces to visualise characters and bring them to life through his art. Utilising fabrications, textures, and a vibrant color palette, Jifeng's creations aim not just for visual impact but also a palpable emotional connection. Jifeng Mao's artistic philosophy is a fusion of technique and emotion, creating a bridge between his inspiration and the observer. His unique blend ensures that his art is not just seen but felt, promising a lasting impact on those who engage with his work.

Evoking a symphony of nature and luxury, The Golden Ripples Painting is a mesmerizing tableau that beckons viewers into its depths. As gold ripples meander through the canvas, they illuminate a delicate interplay of white, brown, and grey hues, reminiscent of a pristine landscape kissed by the first light of dawn.

Each stroke tells a story of its own, where the shimmering gold can be imagined as the sun's reflection on a tranquil pond or the undulating dunes of a vast desert. The myriad interpretations this piece offers makes it a conversation starter, urging viewers to find their own connection and narrative within its contours.

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