Hazel Burnt Brown Swivel Chair


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Feel relaxed as you lounge on the Hazel Swivel Chair's rich vegan leather seat, with added diamond tufting that further accentuates its luxurious aesthetic. The Seat's textured stone grey colour adds a modern and classy look to any space in your home. The natural properties of leather make the Hazel highly durable, stain-free and easy to clean. Aside from the quality leather, The Hazel also contains medium-density foam that provides proper cushioning as you lounge and relax throughout the day.

The Hazel Swivel Chair offers positional convenience with a 360-degree swivel that allows the chair to rotate easily; Making it easy to grab out-of-reach objects while working or when striking a fabulous pose. Acting as support for the Hazel's seated elegance are four elegantly angled stainless steel legs. These four beauties not only provide support but elegance as well with their dazzling Golden Palm colours.

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