Hyacinth Cream Velvet 3-Seater Sofa


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The Hyacinth 3 Seater draws inspiration from classic sofa designs to create its unique blend of style and functionality. Encasing the seat is a stylishly curved frame; Giving the Hyacinth 3 Seater a modern look and adding to its cozy aesthetic.

A sense of comfort fills your senses as you lounge on the Hyacinth 3 Seater's luxurious velvet fabric. The fabric's light cream colours make the Hyacinth shine with a soft glow that further accentuates the Hyacinth 3 Seater's cozy aesthetic.

Adding to its luxuriousness is a row of golden beads that runs along the Hyacinth's outline, while a shell-like pattern decorates the outer frame in a stunning display of elegance and colour. The presence of high-quality foam on the seat and backrests makes the piece extremely comfortable to lounge on for hours on end.

A golden coloured steel frame gorgeously decorates the Hyacinth's lower area and provides ample support for the whole piece. With unparalleled style and complete functionality, The Hyacinth 3 Seater is a worthy centrepiece for any living room.

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