Kennedy White Sintered Stone Side Table


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Introducing the Kennedy White Sintered Stone Side Table, where contemporary design meets unparalleled elegance. This exquisite piece, with its innovative cylindrical structure, promises more than just utility; it becomes a statement of style and discernment. The body, intricately designed with mesmerizing vertical reeding, creates a visual dance that beckons a closer look.

The tabletop, crafted from pristine white sintered stone, not only provides durability but also exudes an ethereal glow, making it a perfect companion for both day and night. To further elevate its aesthetic appeal, the table is punctuated with gold-colored accents, adding a hint of opulence. Whether placed beside your bed or in a cozy corner of your living room, this table promises to blend style, gorgeous color, and functionality, ensuring that every glance towards it is one of admiration.

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