Lux Navy Velvet Ottoman


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The Lux Ottoman is an art deco-inspired piece made even more extravagant with silver studded embellishments, all wrapped up in a mesmerizing shade of midnight blue. It is a truly versatile piece that will surely take its place amongst modern or classic furnishings. Premium quality velvet fabric wraps around a stunning frame, full of elegant curves and an outline studded with silver. Use it to pair with your decorations, books or as an extra chair for your important visitors.

The Lux Ottoman goes beyond stylish aesthetics and provides a comfortable seating option. It proves versatile by serving as an extra seat for accommodating large gatherings and festive get-togethers. Additionally, its beautiful frame transforms it into a practical makeshift table when other surfaces are occupied. Furthermore, it offers the convenience of doubling as a footrest, allowing you to relax near the living room sofa. The Lux is best paired with one of our gorgeous floor rugs and living room sofas.

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