Maddie Curved Charcoal Velvet 3-Seater Sofa


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Give in to the undeniably luxurious aesthetic of the Maddie Curved Charcoal Velvet 3-Seater Sofa. This magnificent piece ushers an elegant boldness to your space with its stand-out contemporary design and charcoal colours. Luxury radiates from the graceful fabric that drapes the Maddie's extra comfortable seat. Its dark charcoal colour brings a sophisticated aesthetic to your home. Comfort is ensured with the dense foam that lines its creatively curved seat, making conversations and get-togethers more enjoyable than ever.

The absence of legs allows the Maddie to flow with unhindered elegance. The Maddie comes with two circular cushions that possess' the same sophistication and is made with the same soft and gentle fabric. An impressive space awaits when you pair the Maddie Curved Charcoal Velvet 3-Seater Sofa with art-deco-inspired pieces and a monochromatic rug.

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