Melody Marble Coffee Table - Brushed Champagne Gold Legs




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The Melody Marble Coffee Table's stylish design offers a symphony of luxury to your home's busiest areas. Enjoy festive or quiet afternoons on its spacious tabletop, made from a gorgeous cut of white marble. Dancing along its outline are veins to create an undeniably enthralling display of colour. It serves as a luxurious pedestal to highlight your favourite volumes or figurines or a place to set down your early morning brew.

Providing stability and balance to the Melody is a symphony of stainless steel legs. These have been meticulously crafted to form a concave design which further adds to the Melody's sophisticated aesthetics. The matching of white marble with the Champagne Gold coloured frame creates an undeniably luxurious look. Pair the Melody with one of our stylish sofas and side tables.