Mionette Floor Rug 77-035-11


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Invite a symphony of color and life into your home with the Mionette Floor Rug, a vibrant celebration of form and hue. Adorned with an array of squares, each varying in shape, shade, and size, this rug is a kaleidoscope of design that catches the eye and captivates the imagination. The palette is a rich blend of gold and aqua blue, imbuing the Mionette with a warmth that radiates throughout any room it adorns.

The addition of asymmetrical circles and artistically faded squares within the design adds a layer of depth and intrigue, celebrating the beauty that can be found in imperfection. These elements introduce a human touch to the rug, an acknowledgment of the artisan's hand at work, reminding us that in the variances of life and art, there is charm and character.

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