Moss Fairy Floor Rug - Medium 200cm x 300cm




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The Moss Fairy Floor Rug is a confluence of earthy tones and natural motifs, creating an aesthetic that is both primordial and refreshingly vital. Its palette, rich with the verdant hues of a forest floor, brings an organic vibrancy to your home. The centerpiece of this rug is an asymmetrically exquisite medallion, reminiscent of a fairy circle, where the flora seem to unfurl and stretch their branches into an array of moss-inspired colours and forms.

This rug doesn't just cover your floor; it transforms it into a tableau of ancient woodland magic, inviting the outside in and suffusing your space with the serene and grounding energy of nature. The Moss Fairy Floor Rug is a celebration of nature's unstructured beauty, offering your home a touch of the mystical, as if a piece of an enchanted forest has settled in your living space.