Pierce Shadow White Woven Fabric Corner Electric Recliner


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Step into your living room, and you're greeted by what could easily be described as a den of comfort. The design, boasting fine curves and precise angles, effortlessly blurs the line between modern art and furniture. And if its form is art, then the white woven fabric draped elegantly over each seat is the brushstroke that completes the masterpiece. But while its beauty is evident, the true allure of the Pierce recliner lies in a promise—one of unparalleled comfort...

Imagine a space that can generously accommodate seven, yet two of those seats harbor a delightful secret. On cue, these two transforms, reclining gracefully, allowing for that perfect tilt—a bespoke comfort for every individual. Controlled effortlessly by two discreet buttons, the recliner seamlessly adjusts both headrests and footrests, ensuring every sit is a tailor-made experience. But the Pierce doesn't stop at just tactile luxury; it brings modern living to your fingertips. Incorporated within its design is a USB port, ensuring your devices stay as charged and ready as you feel, reclined in comfort.

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