Rodar Antique Gold Metal Floor Lamp - Cream Fabric Lamp Shade


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The Rodar Antique Gold Metal Floor Lamp is a sophisticated and whimsically designed lighting piece that brings both illumination and style to any room. The top of the lamp features a cream-colored linen shade, which adds a touch of elegance and softness to the light it emits. This shade not only diffuses the light to create a warm, inviting glow but also complements the overall design with its classic and understated look.

The body of the Rodar Floor Lamp is where its unique character truly shines. Adorned with metal strips in an antique gold finish, it boasts a design that playfully resembles a collection of post-it notes. This imaginative and quirky design element adds a layer of whimsy to the lamp, making it an eye-catching piece that is sure to spark conversation.

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