Sabrina II Beige Velvet Dining Chair


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The Sabrina II Beige Velvet Dining Chair enhances the dining experience with its sumptuous design combined with ergonomic elements. The chair seizes attention with its luxurious appearance, cloaked in a textured beige velvet fabric. This plush, textured beige not only injects a layer of elegance but also introduces a flexible and distinctive feature to a variety of dining room styles. It emerges as a focal point while simultaneously harmonizing with its environment.

The frame of the Sabrina II is not merely a foundational component; it contributes to the allure of the chair. Its unique structure elegantly arches around the back, providing a comforting cradle during meals. The most striking feature of the Sabrina II, however, is its innovative three-legged design, which brings a modern and artistic touch. The Sabrina is ideally grouped in pairs and blends seamlessly with a variety of fashionable dining tables, elevating the dining atmosphere.

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