San Pierre Light Brown Ash Veneer Study Desk - Travertine Finish Sintered Stone Top




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Blackout Living

Through the San Pierre collection, Koala Living showcases Emily McAlister's unique ability to draw inspiration from the past and seamlessly integrate it into modern design, creating pieces that are both timeless and contemporary. During her travels through ancient streets, Emily was mesmerized by the vibrant fusion of history and modernity. Inspired by towering columns, intricate metalwork, and enchanting aromas, she meticulously wove these elements into the San Pierre collection. Each table in this collection features a sintered stone top with a travertine finish, beautifully reflecting the timeless charm of aged architecture. The base of each table, designed with walnut veneer creating vertical reeding, adds a dynamic and sophisticated presence. Emily's design philosophy places a strong emphasis on functionality and human connection. This is evident in the San Pierre collection, where each piece is crafted to enhance everyday moments and bring a touch of elegance to any space. The well-crafted tables in the collection are not only visually stunning but also highly practical, embodying Emily's vision of creating designs that are both beautiful and useful.

The San Pierre Study Desk features a luxurious sintered stone top with a travertine finish, perfect for work or study. Its Light Brown Ash Veneer with a fluted design adds timeless elegance.

The desk offers ample storage with drawers on the left and a cabinet on the right for all your office essentials. Enhanced with brass leg caps, this piece exudes an extra touch of luxury.