San Pierre Walnut Veneer Coffee Table Low - Travertine Finish Sintered Stone Top


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The San Pierre Walnut Veneer Coffee Table is a masterpiece of design that marries modern aesthetic sensibilities with the timeless luxury of brass. The table's round sintered stone tabletop, finished in high-travertine, evokes a sense of refined elegance, while the brass outline imparts a rich, sumptuous edge that catches the light and draws the eye. The beauty of the sintered stone tabletop cannot be overstated. Whether it's holding a stack of art books, a beautiful vase, or serving as the gathering point for an evening's conversation over coffee, the San Pierre Coffee Table adds sophistication and a touch of glamour to any living space.

Supporting this luxurious top is a column of stainless steel with vertical reeding, which adds a tactile element to the piece. The warm hue of the walnut veneer is perfectly complemented by the vertical lines, creating a pleasing contrast with the smoothness of the tabletop. In the living room, this coffee table stands not just as a functional item but as a statement piece. It's a conversation starter, a centrepiece that ties together the elements of the room with its modern lines and classical touches.

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