Tatum Marble Side Table


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A beautiful cut of white marble draws your eyes and adds luxury to a room like no other. It holds a mystery in every grey vein that streams along the striking white surface. The Tatum Side Table draws inspiration from the mid-century modern style with its stylish design reminiscent of classic tulip furniture. With veins of grey, the Tatum Side Table's gorgeous marble table-top gives equal parts glamour and utility to any space in your home.

It can serve as a gorgeous pedestal to display your favourite books, decorative plants and more. The Tatum Side Table's frame shines in gorgeous black nickel and features a striking cylindrical motif all the way to its strong and sturdy base. With a luxurious combination of colours and striking appeal, the Tatum Side Table is an excellent companion to wine glasses and decorations. The Tatum is best paired with one of our occasional chairs or majestic sofas.

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Reviewed by Susannah Ferreira

Even though the table was a lovely statement piece waiting a year for an item is way too long (ordered 6/7/22 arrived 14/7/23) which I am fully aware there are backlogs! But when a simple matter to at the very least request for rubbish removal to be taken care of this was palmed off to a third party and they to palmed off to the supplier. Sadly service lacked unfortunately in recommendation in some manner.