Thalia Sideboard


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Reflect your living room in a new light with the exquisite Thalia Sideboard. This majestic piece makes for a fine addition to any living room with its exquisite, mirrored panels and striking stand-out design. Your prized cutlery, beautiful decorations and more will look terrific as it rests upon its dashing colours and finely crafted frame. This frame is made from high-quality wood draped in a sleek black shade.

An assembly of classically designed mirrored panels adorns the Thalia's sides. These houses spacious cabinets that help keep your living room clutter-free. Each panel features intricate detailing along its borders, and prominently fixed at the centre are its finely crafted ringed handles. Supporting the piece is a strong and sturdy stainless-steel frame that adds to its majesty.

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