Thames Calacatta Oro - White Sintered Stone Console Table


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The Thames Calacatta Oro White Sintered Stone Console Table is an emblematic piece that stands at the crossroads of duality and harmony, perfectly blending the resilience of sintered stone with the gleaming fluidity of stainless steel. Its surface, an unblemished expanse of white sintered stone, mirrors the luxurious appearance of Calacatta marble, known for its ethereal white palette and striking, earthy veins.

Below, this table plays a visual symphony of contrasting materials and forms. On one side, the sintered stone continues its journey downward, forming a leg with a rectangular design that grounds the piece. On the opposite end, a column of stainless steel in a rich, gold hue rises in a bold geometric design. The duality of materials is not just aesthetic but functional, offering a surface that is as robust as it is beautiful.

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