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The Wilderness Painting" is a captivating blend of artistry and emotion, seamlessly merging hand-painted techniques with modern printing, further elevated by tactile 3D elements. This piece captures the poignant beauty of nature in transition, depicting trees gracefully wilting, a testament to the ever-changing tapestry of the natural world.

Each brushstroke and printed detail narrates a story of time, resilience, and the cyclical dance of life and decay. Such a riveting portrayal not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space but also serves as a conversation piece, inviting viewers to delve deep into introspection.

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Wilderness painting

Reviewed by Sonia

About the painting, it's really beautiful and it's going really well with our colours and style. We had to get it replaced with the same painting, as the first one had some tree sticks broken on it, possible cause can be delivery handling but anyhow as it was replaced swiftly on our request. Hence we are quite satisfied with koala living's customer service.


Reviewed by Shyamalie Boralessa

Beautiful ,very large painting. Great finish. Looks perfect in our living area. Really worth the price as I bought it at a recent sale at Koala living. Every single item in your store is classy and Beautiful.