Anita Black Acacia Wood Sideboard




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The Anita Dining Cabinet presents a Luxurious offering in Black and Gold colours, specially made to keep your dining areas clean and organized. A collection of symmetrical geometric shapes decorate the Anita Dining Cabinet's anterior, with its beauty further amplified by its antique gold finish. The combination of its beautiful pattern and colours gives the Anita Dining Cabinet an almost sanctified look; Echoing the enigmatic beauty of ancient relics.

The Anita Dining Cabinet features a sleek and professional look with its finely crafted Acacia Wooden Frame, draped in Black and chosen for its natural toughness.

The geometrically beautiful motif serves as individual doors to three beautifully crafted cabinets. These cabinets still maintain the classy aesthetic when opened, and offers up a wealth of space to place your spare dishes, cutlery and more.

Foregoing the common, The Anita Dining Cabinet is supported by two sturdy steel frames found on each opposite end. This design tidy's up the space between and further accentuates its luxurious and classy aesthetic.