Anita Black Glass Dining Table




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Anita Dining Table presents four majestic corners made with natural materials and decorated with masterful symmetry. Made from solid acacia wood, this mesmerizing tabletop will be the centrepiece during gatherings and celebrations for years to come. The Acacia's enduring properties are reinforced with the help of a glass top, which makes this beautiful table almost scratch-proof and easy to clean. Underneath the beautiful glass and forever marking the Acacia Table Top is an awe-inspiring collection of symmetrical geometric shapes.

The beauty of the geometry is further amplified with its antique gold colours, giving Anita an almost sanctified look; Most often associated with sacred relics. Foregoing the common, The Anita Dining Table is supported by two sturdy steel frames found on each opposite end of the table. This design opens up space for more legroom for everyone's comfort. The Anita Dining Table provides enough room to comfortably seat six of your closest friends and family.