Annika Charcoal Velvet Curved Ottoman


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Ottomans, with their inherent versatility, have long been favored in interior design. The Annika Charcoal Velvet Curved Ottoman elevates this adaptability, taking a leap into avant-garde territory with its distinctive design. Unlike typical ottomans, the Annika stands out with its artfully crafted wooden frame, exhibiting stylish curves at both ends, making it undeniably unique.

Clad in premium velvet, it exudes an air of sophistication in its deep shade of charcoal, perfectly balancing elegance with a contemporary edge. The prominent tufting, spreading generously across its surface, not only adds a tactile allure but beckons with an invitation to comfort. Beneath this textured exterior lies plush padding, ensuring that the Annika isn't just a feast for the eyes, but a haven of comfort to repose upon. Pair this majestic piece with one of our velvet sofas for a cohesive and stunning spread.

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