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Yongrong Dai, born in 1979, developed an early passion for nature. Although he was an avid traveler yearning to explore foreign landscapes, he temporarily set aside his wanderlust to pursue a university education, majoring in art. Taking his studies further, Yongrong ventured to the United States, collaborating with design mentors. Integrating his love for both scenic travels and art, Yongrong's collections narrate tales of his journeys and the keepsakes acquired along the way. Intrigued by realism art, he draws inspiration from climbing and observing natural landscapes, translating these experiences into vivid artistic expressions. Yongrong's artworks are characterized by intricate detailing and delicate oil painting strokes that contrast against rough textures. Through his pieces, Yongrong aspires to immerse viewers in the essence of his travels, inviting them to share in the richness of his experiences.

Transcending the traditional boundaries of art and strategy, the Chess Board Painting presents a fresh, imaginative take on a classic game. Rather than adhering to rigid geometry, this piece plays with form, boasting asymmetrical squares that challenge and intrigue the viewer.

Beyond just visual appeal, its abstract nature encourages deeper contemplation, inviting onlookers to weave their own narratives or perhaps ponder life's own unpredictable moves. An exquisite conversation starter, this painting doesn't merely decorate a space—it enlivens it, evoking whimsy and thoughtful reflection in equal measure.

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