Kinsley Floor Rug- Medium 200cm x 300cm


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The Kinsley Floor Rug is not just a haven of comfort for your feet; it's a masterpiece of ambiguous beauty that transforms your floor into a canvas of intrigue. This rug features a harmonious blend of clay-like hues and soft greys, artfully laid upon a cream-colored base. The motif is a weathered pattern, reminiscent of an ancient fresco or a well-loved artifact, giving the piece a sense of depth and history.

As it stretches across your room, the Kinsley offers more than mere comfort; it provides an aesthetic experience, turning the ground beneath you into a landscape of subtle colors and designs that invite the eye to explore and the mind to wander. It's a rug that serves as a backdrop for your living space, complementing your furnishings and setting a tone of understated elegance.

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