Lindsay Polished Gold Stainless Steel Round Side Table - Clear Glass Top


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The Lindsay Polished Gold Stainless Steel Round Side Table is an exemplar of luxurious design and modern craftsmanship. It is designed to capture attention and elevate the ambiance of any room with its radiant appearance and refined structure. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the table's frame boasts a polished gold finish that radiates warmth and opulence. The vertical rods that form the base are meticulously placed to create a harmonious visual flow, reminiscent of modern art sculptures. This base not only provides a solid foundation but also adds an element of architectural interest to the design.

Two beautiful cuts of circular glass serves as its beautiful surfaces, each encircled by a slender gold band that echoes the table's overall aesthetic. The transparent nature of the glass allows for the beauty of the polished gold structure beneath to remain in full view, offering a light and airy feel that contrasts with the metal's solidity. This design choice also ensures that the table does not overwhelm the space, making it ideal for smaller rooms or tight corners. Best paired with one of our majestic sofas, sprinkled decorative pieces from our home decor.

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