Lindsay Polished Stainless Steel Round Side Table - Clear Glass Top


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The Lindsay Round Side Table is a stunning piece of furniture that exudes a sleek modernity and a timeless elegance. The table is crafted with a frame of polished stainless steel, giving it a mirror-like finish that reflects the surrounding space and enhances the light in the room. The design of the table features a collection of cylindrical stainless steel rods, arranged in a symmetrical pattern that forms the base. This intricate assembly of rods is not just a sturdy foundation; it’s a testament to the precision of modern metalwork, creating a sense of movement and fluidity that is rare in such solid materials.

Two beautiful cuts of circular glass serves as its beautiful surfaces, each encircled by a slender band that echoes the table's overall aesthetic. The transparent nature of the glass allows for the beauty of the polished stainless steel structure around to remain in full view, offering a light and airy feel that contrasts with the metal's solidity. This design choice also ensures that the table does not overwhelm the space, making it ideal for smaller rooms or tight corners. Best paired with one of our majestic sofas, sprinkled decorative pieces from our home decor.

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