Lindsay Polished Stainless Steel Round Coffee Table - Clear Glass Top


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The Lindsay Stainless Steel Round Coffee Table offers a refined and contemporary addition to any living space. This table features two levels of immaculately cut circular glass, providing a transparent, clean surface that keeps the space feeling open and decluttered. The glass tops seem to float above the room, held aloft by the sleek, silver stainless steel structure. Stylish stainless steel tubes, glimmering in polished silver colours, surround the table in beautiful sections.

Their reflective surface catches the light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The Lindsay coffee table is versatile in its simplicity. It's an ideal resting place for daily items like remote controls and books, or for showcasing decorative elements such as vases or picture frames. Its circular design encourages conviviality, making it a perfect centerpiece for social interactions in a contemporary setting.

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