Marbella Round Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone Coffee Table - Brushed Gold Frame


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At the intersection of timeless design and modern luxury sits the Marbella Round Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone Coffee Table. Its distinctive round shape not only elevates its design profile but also seamlessly integrates into diverse living spaces, promoting both flow and unity. With its expansive Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone surface, it offers an ideal stage to showcase decorative pieces, from ornate vases to cherished collectibles. The stone's reflective qualities can further highlight displayed items.

Supporting this luxurious top is a uniquely designed framework of intersecting lines of golden luster. The framework not only ensures stability but adds a layer of opulence with its gleaming finish. And nestled within this golden embrace is a panel of Calacatta White Sintered Stone, seamlessly bridging the gap between the top and the base, infusing a touch of continuity and an added dimension of luxury.

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