Marbella Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone Side Table - Brushed Gold Frame


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Designed not only as an elegant accompaniment to your main furnishings but also as a pinnacle of luxury, the Marbella Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone Side Table elevates any living space. The highlight of this table is undeniably its expansive top, meticulously crafted from the Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone. The intricate veins and polished finish of this surface transform what could be a simple side table into a statement of opulence. Whether you're resting a glass, showcasing a decorative lamp, or arranging a bouquet of flowers, this side table provides the perfect platform, harmoniously melding function with high-end aesthetics.

Supporting this lavish top is a parallel frame, shimmering with a golden luster. This frame doesn't merely provide stability; it heightens the side table's elegance with its radiant finish. On one side of this parallel structure is a panel of Calacatta White Sintered Stone, adding an asymmetrical allure. This design choice doesn't just infuse a touch of modernity; it creates a delightful continuity from the tabletop to the base, further emphasizing the luxury and uniqueness of the Marbella side table.

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