Marbella 2-Layered Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone Coffee Table - Brushed Gold Frame


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The Marbella 2-Layered Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone Coffee Table redefines the very ethos of design. The first thing that strikes you about the Marbella is its ultra-modern look. The table showcases a multi-leveled architectural masterpiece that is both practical and aesthetically captivating. Perched elegantly atop is the Calacatta Sintered Stone tabletop. Known for its radiant luster and unique veins, the stone's mystifying patterns dance and play with light, evoking both admiration and wonder. Supporting this exquisite top is a frame that's a work of art in itself.

Brushed golden in hue, its cruved edges do more than just provide stability. They inject a dose of modernity, their gleam contrasting yet complementing the cold white of the Calacatta stone. Below this top spectacle, the Marbella's design takes another twist. The lower base, a rectangular box, carries forward the theme by employing the same Calacatta White Sintered Stone material, creating symmetry and a visual balance. Beyond its obvious beauty, the Marbella serves as a versatile piece in your living space. Whether you're hosting an evening of engaging conversations, reading your favorite book, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee, this table stands ready.

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