Marbella II Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone Console Table - Brushed Gold Frame




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The Marbella II Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone Sideboard isn’t just a piece of furniture; it's a statement. Bridging the realms of functionality and art, this sideboard exemplifies modern design with a unique twist. At first glance, the top layer captures the eye. Made of the splendid Cold Calacatta White Sintered Stone, it serves not just as a practical surface, but also a canvas for decor enthusiasts. Whether adorned with vases, books, or left bare to showcase its natural beauty, this top layer stands as an epitome of versatility and elegance.

Supporting this luxurious top is a brushed gold frame that radiates opulence. However, the true elegance of the Marbella sideboard emerges in its visual symmetry. Contrary to any expectations of varied placement, the Marbella impresses with panels of Calacatta White Sintered Stone, meticulously aligned for a harmonious and balanced appearance. This intentional design choice showcases sophistication through perfect symmetry.