McKenna Dark Grey Woven Fabric 3-Seater Electric Recliner


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Introducing the McKenna Dark Grey Woven Fabric 3-Seater Electric Recliner, the epitome of style, comfort, and modern convenience. Elevating the aesthetics of your home, this stunning 3-seater sofa combines masterful craftsmanship with elegant curves and a luxurious fabric that exudes contemporary charm. Immerse yourself in the inviting texture of the carefully selected Woven Fabric, adding an extra layer of coziness to the McKenna's timeless beauty. Its rich texture not only enhances the overall appeal but also offers a tactile experience that delights the senses.

Beyond its captivating appearance, the McKenna boasts impressive modern features that set it apart. The crowning jewel is the full seat reclining mechanism, allowing you to personalize your comfort and indulge in relaxation at any time. With a simple touch of the buttons discreetly located on the sides, you have complete control over your lounging experience. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or enjoying a movie marathon, the McKenna ensures your utmost comfort. A built-in USB port also gives charging options for your devices as you lounge.

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