Millaray Gold Round Mirror


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The Millaray Gold Round Mirror is a stunning piece that brings a unique blend of elegance and simplicity to any space it graces. Unlike traditional rectangular or square mirrors, round mirrors like the Millaray offer a softer, more organic feel to rooms, breaking up the hard lines typically found in furniture and architectural details. The Millaray is also perfect for bathrooms, where it can add a touch of luxury and spa-like calm, or in entryways, where it can make a welcoming first impression.

The beauty of the Millaray lies in its exquisite frame, crafted from high-grade iron. This frame features a coiled-like motif, a detail that adds an artistic touch while maintaining a sense of understated elegance. The golden hue of the frame brings a luxurious luster to the piece, radiating warmth and sophistication. This golden color is versatile, able to blend seamlessly with a variety of color schemes and interior styles, from modern minimalism to classic and vintage décor.

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