Millaray Gold Arch Mirror 180 cm




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The Millaray Gold Arch Mirror is a piece that transcends the ordinary, elevating any space it adorns with its understated yet captivating beauty. Arch mirrors, by their design, bring a unique architectural element to interiors, blending the charm of traditional design with modern aesthetics. The Millaray, with its elegant arch, can transform a room, making it feel larger and more open. The curved top of the mirror adds a softness to spaces, breaking the monotony of straight lines typically found in furniture and architecture.

In the realm of arch mirrors, the Millaray stands out for its simplicity and grace. Its frame, made from high-grade iron, features a coiled-like motif, adding a touch of intricacy without overwhelming its surroundings. This frame is finished in a golden color, bestowing a luxurious luster that radiates warmth and sophistication. The golden hue complements a wide range of color palettes, making the Millaray a versatile piece for various interior styles.