Olsen Gold Arched Floor Mirror


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A symphony of simplicity and elegance, the Olsen Gold Arched Floor Mirror beautifully encapsulates modern sophistication. Its gracefully arched design offers a soft contrast to straight-lined furniture, introducing an element of gentle curvature that transforms any space into an inviting haven.

Encasing this reflective marvel is a sleek, golden-coloured metal frame, which not only adds structural integrity but also infuses the mirror with an aura of understated luxury. The gleaming gold finish of the frame juxtaposes wonderfully with the clear brilliance of the mirror, creating a harmonious balance that is both eye-catching and serene.

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Reviewed by Lucy MacGregor

This mirror is divine. The gold edging is beautifully polished but not too shiny, and the quality of the actual mirror is lovely. It's a perfect size and weight; it feels sturdy, and it makes the room looks effortlessly elegant.


Reviewed by Kate Dadd