Riviera II Isabelline White Fabric Corner Sofa


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The Riviera Isabelline White Fabric Corner Sofa helps you orchestrate comfort into your home with a symphony of moving parts, with each radiating elegance in a beautiful shade of beige.

Premium quality fabric covers each piece with a timeless look that adds a warm aesthetic to the Riviera. These quality covers are secretly fastened with velcro, including seats, backrests, and cushions, making them a breeze to wash and clean.

The Riviera is made up of four different sections and two ottomans that when combined, give your space a modern look that will reverberate throughout the household. The detachable sections allow the freedom to mix and match according to your comfort desires.

Possessing the same quality fabric and colours are eight quality cushions included with every Reviera. All of these elements make the Reviera a true symphony of comfort that brings harmony for years to come.

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