Riviera II Powder White Chenille Fabric Modular Sofa


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The Riviera II Powder White Chenille Fabric Modular Sofa is an epitome of modern sophistication and flexible design in furniture. A modular sofa is essentially a customizable piece that can be adapted to fit a variety of spaces and layouts. Its modularity allows for the components to be arranged in numerous configurations, catering to both small and large living areas. What sets the Riviera II apart is its delicate balance of form and function. Each piece is designed with a sense of clarity and simplicity, showcasing clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic.

The chenille fabric elevates the elegance of the sofa, providing a soft, inviting texture that is both luxurious and durable. Its powder white color can brighten up any living room, contributing to a light and airy ambiance that complements a range of interior palettes. The Riviera's design transcends traditional modular pieces by offering plush comfort without compromising on style. Whether it's rearranging the sections for a movie night, accommodating extra guests, or changing the layout with a move to a new home, the Riviera II adapts seamlessly.

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