Regal Taupe Leather Single Seat Sofa




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The Regal Taupe Leather Single Seat Sofa has the hallmarks of the classic Chesterfield design combined with the sophistication of a contemporary piece. Take a seat on this throne of comfort and elegance to elevate your lounging experience to stylishly new levels. Taupe-coloured leather is gorgeously upholstered to the Regal Single Seater's masterfully crafted wooden frame, giving it a pristine elegance that will do wonders for your living areas. Leather is also easy to clean, making it ideal for your home's busier areas. It's best paired with the Regal Taupe Leather 3-Seater Sofa for a cohesive look.

The Regal Single Seater's back and arm areas curve outward, which gives it the sophisticated chesterfield look. These areas are diamond tufted to give it that classy and regal aesthetic while giving the Regal Single Seater an additional layer of comfortable cushioning. Its inviting seat is made with premium quality high-density foam that ensures comfort to last for years to come. All these great features are supported by four stylishly curved legs that add to the Regal Single Seater's visual appeal.